University of Cambridge ESOL : English for Speakers of Other Languages FCE : First Certificate in English FCE is an exam for people who can use every day written and spoken English at an upper-intermediate level. It is an ideal exam for those in need to use English for work or study purposes.

Personal skills development implies the professional and personal growth in knowledge and skills. Personal skills development embraces a whole range of practical and transferable skills that can be applied within higher education and the workplace. This unit examines a range of skills that are deemed necessary to aid learners through various scenarios which are not necessarily implicit within the content of more theoretical or academically orientated units within the Higher Diploma programme. Learners will be able to improve their own learning, be involved with team work and be more capable of problem solving through the use of case studies, role play and real-life activities. This unit can be taught traditionally or integrated within other units on the programme.  

The rationale behind this unit is to enable learners to have exposure to softer skills that are critical in the work place and higher education. This unit attempts to encapsulate a range of key and common skills and deliver this information in a dynamic learning environment. 

This unit focuses on to develop the skills for use of Microsoft Office Applications in the business processes. It looks at office solutions in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. The unit also looks at the use of Dreamweaver to design, create and publish solutions to the internet and intranets. The unit gives a thorough knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite. It presents opportunities to demonstrate key skills in problem solving, information technology and improving own learning and performance.

This unit is aimed at ICT practitioners who need sufficient knowledge of computer architecture to make rational and commercial decisions on the selection and specification of systems. Learners will learn how to evaluate operating systems in order to create their own operating environment. Many ICT practitioners communicate with specialist technical support staff during the specification and planning of systems implementation. This unit aims to give learners the confidence to communicate with technical and non-technical specialists to justify their recommendations. 

It is expected that centers will use current personal computer and networking resources. Learners should be encouraged to read current journals to investigate and evaluate new hardware and software developments. 


This unit provides an introduction to the nature of organisations in relation to management practices. The unit examines the internal nature of organisations from both a theoretical and practical viewpoint. The unit is intended to develop an understanding of the behaviour of people within organisations and the significance of organisational design and characteristics. It also aims to provide the basis for, and to underpin further study in, specialist areas of business.